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Jury Trials May Be Returning To Miami-Dade County Soon

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There is talk that criminal jury trials may be returning to Miami-Dade County on or about March 1st.

If your case is pending trial, be ready for your case to proceed once trials resume.  Judges are unlikely to continue cases that are a year old or older.

Depositions and pretrial discovery can still take place during COVID, so judges will be quick to force cases to trial if they are prepped and ready.

If your case is going to trial - meaning that you have not been extended a plea that you are willing to accept, or you are unwilling to plead guilty and are exercising your constitutional right to a jury trial - now is the time to get with your criminal defense attorney and get prepared.

The key to winning at trial is preparation.  It is not luck.  It is not smooth talking.  It is plain and simply put - a solid and well-versed understanding of the facts, evidence, and key issues in your case.  It is knowing what the witnesses are going to say before they testify.  It is knowing what issues to focus on and what your "theme" will be.  Very important for the defense to have a theme, or theory of the case.  Juries are much more likely to acquit when they can hang their hats on an alternative theory of the crime - such as self-defense or some other guy did it - instead of the tired old "state didn't prove its case" defense.  

If you are going to trial, now is the time to get ready.  Judges have signaled their desire to move these backlogged cases along rather quickly.