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Finish Your PTI!

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I hear it from prospective clients all the time - I can't complete the conditions of PTI.  Pretrial Intervention - or PTI - is a felony first-time offender program that will allow the accused to have his or her charges dismissed so long as they complete certain conditions.

In many cases, these conditions may include community service hours; classes; reporting once per month; and paying program fees.

Is PTI time-consuming and inconvenient?  Yes.  Does it cost money?  You bet.

But is it worth having your felony dismissed?  Absolutely.

Do not make excuses.  Make it a priority to complete your PTI.  The alternative may be a felony conviction, and that is a distinction that will follow you around for the rest of your life.

Believe me - PTI is well worth it.  If given the chance to enroll, it is worth finishing and getting the benefit of the dismissal.