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Miami-Dade House Arrest: It's Just Not That Simple

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If you are released from jail on House Arrest in Miami-Dade County (the name varies from county to county but essentially means you cannot leave your home) it is not as easy as simply being let out of jail with a GPS Monitor on your ankle.

There are MANY moving parts.

Did you hire the right criminal defense attorney who knows how to get you out quickly and (relatively) painlessly?

First and foremost, is there a bond that must be posted before being released on House Arrest?

Have your references been verified?  Has the installation fee been paid?  Or did the Judge waive the fee, and if so, did House Arrest receive a copy of the Order?  Has the accused's home address been confirmed and verified by House Arrest?

These are just a few of the measures that must be taken before an accused person can be released on House Arrest.

If the process is not followed, the accused will simply sit in jail.

It is critical that you or your loved one retain an experience Miami-Dade criminal defense attorney who knows the steps.  If you hire the wrong lawyer, you or your loved one may end up spending much more time in custody than necessary.

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