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Public Assistance Fraud Investigations: Yes, Investigators Can Come To Your Job!

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If you are under investigation in the State of Florida for Public Assistance Fraud (SNAP fraud, EBT fraud, Medicare Fraud), then investigators from the Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS) are permitted to show up at your place of employment to speak to your employer and/or coworkers.  They are also permitted to subpoena your tax records, pay stubs, and other employment documents.

The point of this is so that they can prove that you were employed and earning X-amount of dollars per year, which may conflict with the amount of income you disclosed on your public assistance applications.

How can you best protect yourself if you become aware that you are under investigation for Public Assistance Fraud?  Contact a criminal defense attorney today!

It may be possible to resolve your matter before it ever becomes a felony case.  Early intervention and proactive measures are the best way to improve your chances of a successful outcome!

DO NOT speak to investigators or agree to provide a statement until you have consulted with a criminal defense attorney!  Anything you say can be used as evidence against you.