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Why Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Whether you have been arrested for a first time offense DUI or you are looking at accusations for a violent crime or high monetary white collar crime, having an aggressive and highly experienced legal representative on your side is of utmost importance. Not only are you looking at the possibility of hefty fines, probation time and perhaps even time behind bars, but you are also going to have to face the fact that your criminal record will follow you indefinitely. While there are options of having your record expunged (or hidden from the public eye), this won’t happen for the more severe crimes, and if they can occur it will be many years down the road. With that, the effects of a criminal conviction many would say that life after your sentencing is completed may actually be even more difficult than it was when you were in prison for the last ten years, for example. Why is that? Because a criminal record may lead prospective employers to turn you down due to the fact that you were violent in the past, or because of a sex conviction it may keep you from ever working with children again.

Criminal offenses are taken very seriously by law enforcement officials, and the prosecution will do whatever it takes to prove your actions and have you pay your time. However what if you were in the wrong place at the wrong time? What if there is more to the story then a simple act of murder, for example an act of self-defense? Whatever the case may be, proving your innocent in court is the way to protect not only your freedom but also your very reputation. At The Law Offices of Eric M. Matheny, P.A., we are committed to offering this very legal representation that you deserve in the event of a criminal charge.

Aside from the above mentioned, why else would you need a Miami-Dade County criminal defense lawyer on your side? One factor is the fact that the prosecution is going to do whatever they can to prove your guilt and by hiring a skilled lawyer at our firm, you will be receiving the counsel of a former prosecutor who knows how they think. We will help you have a clear grasp of what the charges against you mean, as well as evaluate all possible avenues for your defense. Together we will determine the best course of action taking a look at the varying plea bargains that are being offered, and what you may expect if convicted, etc. we want our clients to feel as though they are fully aware of what is taking place. Understanding both your rights and the charges against you will be just one aspect that a criminal defense attorney can offer you, a factor that is hard to find when defending yourself, for example.

Depending on the charges placed against you, the kind of defense lawyer to hire will vary. For example, if you have been accused of drunk driving, you will want to make sure that you have someone on yours side who is skilled with DUI defense specifically. If you are accused of first degree murder, you want a litigator who has worked with these difficult cases in the past. Considering that, at our firm we have experience in a wide variety of criminal offenses, and we want you to know that we are ready to fight on your behalf. By contacting us we can discuss your case and the possibility of taking legal action on your behalf. Don’t wait too long, your future is at stake; call us today!