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Father Arrested for Kidnapping His Baby

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According to recent news reports, a Clay County baby was reported to be missing from the home of its mothers just this past Tuesday. With the help of a cellphone, the stat authorities were able to locate the 5-month old baby who was abducted from its home, in a Pizza Hut bathroom. Both Macon Police and Georgia Stat police were tracking the father who was believed to be the one responsible for the kidnapping of the child.

The father of this little child was only 18 years old and because of signals he left by using his cell phone, the police were able to track him. After some time the officers were able to locate the father on his phone in the restroom of the pizza shop talking on the phone while the baby sat in the car seat sitting on the restroom floors. The police officers then arrested the young father and he is now facing multiple charges including kidnapping, interference of child custody of unwed mother, fraudulent use of a credit card as well as grand theft auto and petty theft.

When it comes to young parents, actions such a this are not uncommon. Whether the was acting out of fear or he felt as though there were no their options for him to be with his baby, there is a very likely chance that he saw no other way and therefore went through with the kidnapping. Whatever the case may be, this young man may now be facing criminal charges that could result in many years of consequences from the law. Sadly, once convicted of a crime, he will be forced to carry the weight of the criminal record wherever he goes. It is for this very important reason that hiring a skilled and aggressive Miami-Dade County criminal defense attorney is so crucial.

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