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Miami-Dade Substitute Teacher Arrested For Lewd Or Lascivious Battery On A Child

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The Miami-Dade Police Department has arrested a 22 year-old substitute teacher on charges of lewd or lascivious battery on a child. Specifically, the alleged victim is 13, making the charge a second-degree felony punishable by up to 15 years in Florida prison.

The police were led to the substitute teacher when they discovered that he had allegedly engaged in inappropriate conversations with the alleged victim via text message. The two had met online through the use of a mobile application.

According to police, the accused and the alleged victim met up and engaged in sexual activity. The accused is charged with one count of lewd or lascivious battery, one count of lewd or lascivious conduct, and two counts related to the transmitting harmful material to a minor, likely inappropriate photos.

Sex crimes, especially allegations of sex crimes committed against children, can destroy your life. You don’t even have to be convicted or even formally charged. Simply being accused of such a crime is enough to permanent destroy both your career and reputation.

A conviction - by and through and guilty verdict at trial or by a plea bargain - will subject you to registration requirements as a sexual offender or sexual predator.

If you are the subject of a sex crimes investigation, anything you say to police will be used against you as evidence. Even if you do not believe that what you are telling them is incriminating, if it is in anyway inconsistent with any previous statements you have given or in any way admits to any criminal wrongdoing, you will be charged with a crime.

You have the right to remain silent. You do not under any circumstances ever have to speak with police.

If you find yourself facing a sex crimes accusation, contact an attorney to discuss your options. You may not be aware of the process and may have lots of questions and concerns. This is understandable.

You must also understand that most sex crimes dealing with a child victim under 12 are punishable by life, thus they are non-bondable offenses.

If you are in Miami or Broward and are facing allegations of child sexual abuse, contact Eric Matheny.

Eric Matheny is a Miami sex crimes lawyer and a Broward sex crimes lawyer.