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Eric M. Matheny Interviewed by The Boston Globe on Robert Kraft Case

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Our Miami-Dade criminal defense attorney Eric M. Matheny was recently quoted in several articles published in The Boston Globe on the Robert Kraft case, where he was interviewed for his experience in similar criminal proceedings.

Florida prosecutors offered Kraft and 25 other men a plea deal, in which prostitution and solicitaiton charges would have been dropped against the New England Patriots owner and other defendants in exchange for admitting guilt at trial. When asked if Kraft was being treated fairly in a piece for The Boston Globe, Attorney Matheny stated that the circumstances surrounding his case were, “100 percent standard.” He went on to say that, “Bob Kraft is being treated no better and no worse than any similarly situated defendant.”

The agreement prosecutors proposed in Kraft’s case is known as a “deferred prosecution.” A standard offer in first-time solicitaiton offenses, deferred prosecution would have allowed Kraft and the other defendants to serve 100 hours of community service, pay court fees, and attend mandatory classes on prostitution and human trafficking, in exchange for having their cases dismissed and their records expunged, barring no other criminal charges for a given period of time.

However, this option may be a nonstarter, as The Globe reported several days ago that Kraft has rejected the plea deal, while his attorneys have requested the judge in his case prevent footage of alleged sexual acts with prostitutes from getting out to the public. According to The Globe, Kraft believed the specifics of the differed prosecution offer were excessive for a first-time misdemeanor.

Attorneys for Kraft and the 14 other men charged in the incident have filed a motion claiming that evidence in the case should be barred from the public and kept guarded for the sake of confidentiality. Specifically, the motion claims that the defendants are shown “engaged in alleged sexual acts.” While prosecutors have not officially commented yet, reports indicate that if Kraft and the other men do not accept the plea offer, the case will likely be taken to trial.

The Boston Globe reached out to Eric Matheny again when these new developments emerged, asking what the likelihood is that Kraft will actually receive a prison sentence, should the trial proceed and should he be convicted. “My impression is that he’s 77, he’s a first-time misdemeanor offender, he’s not looking at any jail time,” Attorney Mahaney said, noting that Kraft was probably, “looking at probation.” He also pointed out that Kraft most likely rejected the plea deal to protect his public image, and that he would probably take the case to court not only because he’s likely to receive a lighter sentence, but because, “he’s got the money to fight it.”

The latest news in the Kraft case comes after the billionaire and football magnate was arrested and charged with two misdemeanor counts of solicitation on February 22nd, following several alleged visits to the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Fla. Kraft and the other defendants’ were charged as part of a largescale human trafficking operation on the part of the Jupiter police department, targeting the spa owners for sex trafficking women.

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