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The Felony PTI Process in Broward County

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Pretrial Intervention for felony offenses in Broward County requires the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney familiar with the process.

Unlike Pretrial Intervention (PTI) in other counties, PTI in Broward County requires a lengthy application and screening process.

If you are a true first-time offender (no prior arrests) and you are charged with a non-violent third-degree felony, speak with your criminal defense attorney about applying for the PTI program.

In Broward County, PTI takes one year to complete and upon your successful completion, your charges will be dismissed and you may be eligible to expunge your record.

But it is not easy to get into felony PTI, which is why it is critical that you have an experienced Broward County criminal defense attorney assisting you with the process.

Call me if you are facing a nonviolent third-degree felony in Broward County.

Eric Matheny is a criminal defense attorney serving Broward County.