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Marijuana Is Still Illegal In Florida

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While a good number of states are decriminalizing or even outright legalizing recreational use of marijuana, Florida is not one of those states.

Yes, Florida does have medicinal cannabis that is available upon prescription and approval by the State of Florida, but purchasing, selling, possession, and trafficking in marijuana all carry criminal penalties.

For misdemeanor possession of cannabis (less than 20 grams), most counties will agree to some form of dismissal for these offenses.  Sometimes - although not as often as you'd think - police officers may issue a civil citation instead of making an arrest or issuing a criminal citation (also known as a Promise to Appear or PTA).

But nevertheless, marijuana remains illegal in Florida and if you get caught with it, you will likely face criminal prosecution.

If you are in Miami-Dade County, Broward County, or Palm Beach County and have been charged with a marijuana-related offense, contact me to discuss your options.